"Most of my kind were forced into this kind of life. Most of my kind only fight because it's all they know. Most of my kind hate fighting. I'm not like most of my kind."


Mul Battlemind (Gladiator)

Kal is tall and thickly muscled. His skin is a deep tan from many years beneath the sun unprotected. His eyes are a bizarre deep violet, a sign of his connection to the Way. He is completely hairless, like most of his kind. He bears tattooed markings on the right side of his face and two rings on his left arm that designate him as a gladiator slave owned by Darr Shengo. He wears blue scale armor, made from lacquered and sliced agafari wood, a timber as hard as steel common in Nibenay. His greataxe, his most prized possession, is made of bronze.


Kal was born to slavery under the gladiatorial master Darr Shengo in the great city of Nibenay. Darr immediately recognized that Kal was larger than most of the Muls he breed for the arena. He was put Kal on the path to becoming a gladiator in Nibenay’s arena. Kal took to the teachings of Darr’s fight masters extremely fast. During his training, it was discovered that Kal had an affinity for the way. Darr enrolled Kal in the Academy of Fierce Purpose where he was trained by the psionic master Algor the Mighty who taught a method of using the way that involved toughening the body against attacks. This combination of intense psionic train and martial prowess allowed Kal to succeed in the arena. Darr was so pleased with his latest warrior that he gave him many gifts and freedoms. The greatest of the gifts given to Kal was his bronze greataxe. Kal lived a comfortable life getting all that he needed and much of what he desired, but never an extravagant amount. After the events in Tyr however, Darr began to shower his favorite gladiator in luxury. Kal was even given his own slaves. But Kal was not pleased. He’d heard of the freedom of all slaves in Tyr and it made him restless in his current condition. Kal wanted to experience the events in Tyr himself, he wanted to understand freedom for himself. Darr allowed Kal to leave Nibenay with the understanding that Kal would return when he was satisfied what Kal doesn’t know however, is that Darr never wanted Kal to leave and the only reason he allowed him too is because the Shadow King himself has ordered that Kal be allowed to leave for Tyr. Nibenay’s reasons for wanting Kal in Tyr are still unknown but it can be guaranteed that whatever they are, the only one will benefit is Nibenay himself.


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