lvl 1 Human Rune Priest


Str: 18 mod: 4 AC: 17 Max HP: 27
Con: 15 mod: 2 Fort: 15 Bloodied: 13
Dex: 8 mod: -1 Ref: 11 Surge: 6
Int: 10 mod: 0 Will: 14 Surges/Day: 9
Wis: 13 mod: 1 Init. Mod: 3 Passive Ins: 11
Cha: 13 mod: 1 Speed: 5 Passive Perc: 11

Trained Skills:
+5 Arcana +9 Athletics +9 Endurance +6 Heal +5 Religion

Common, Elven

Improved Initiative
Rune of Hope


At-Will Powers:
Word of Binding
Word of Diminishment
Word of Shielding

Encounter Powers:
Anvil of Battle
Rune of Mending

Daily Power:
Rune of Endless Fire

Adventuring Gear, Obsidian Maul, Idfiend Scale Armor


Lanice hails from the militaristic city-state of Urik. He is a Templar in the service of Hamanu, the sorceror-king of Urik. Though common by birth, Lanice has proven himself time and time again and rose through the ranks with great speed. He quickly gained the favor of the sorceror-king and was taken under his wing. After returning victoriously from a glorious battle Hamanu saw fit to reward him and made him a noble and a trusted advisor. Hamanu also gave him an ancient scrol containing mysterious runes. Given every resource and access to the libraries Lanice learned that the ruse were ancient runes of power – long forgotten. He studied the runes intensely and learned to wield their power. He shared his findings and new-found abilities with Hamanu. The speed of his discovery impressed the sorceror-king who wanted to use the power of the runes to ensure his dominance. Hamanu then bestowed another gift on Lanice: an ancient obsidian maul inscribed with one of the ancient runes. This is Lanice’s prized possession.
Years later Hamanu and Lanice heard tales of other such runes and ancient artifacts. They soon began a campaign to find and gather all of them. News of ancient ruins brought Lanice to the newly freed city-state of Tyr.


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