Using Warforged in this Campaign

Recently, Kyle and I discussed a few races that would not fit into the Dark Sun Campaign setting, among them was the Warforged. However, after a few days of thought, I have decided to include the Warforged, and have written some guiding fluff for our Campaign to be used if anyone wants to be a Warforged, and to introduce them into the campaign storyline.

For the purposes of this game, the term “Warforged” is now synonymous with “Golem.”

“A Wanderer’s Journal: The Golems
Few beings have the chance to see the wonders of the last Age, fewer still get to see the terrible, solitary guardians of those wonders, the ageless Golems.”

Golems are a race of animated beings composed of stone powered by a massive amount of magic. In the last Age, defilers would drain the magic from acres of verdant plains to amass the amount of magic needed to breath life into these automatons. With complex spells of binding, they set their golems to guard their homes and their knowledge, and even guard their tombs after death. In this Age, golems are the servants of the sorcerer-kings and their templars, and can sometimes be found amongst the entourage of powerful merchants.
The amount of magic needed to animate these golems still comes from defiling, and the scarcity of life-giving terrain has lead most golem-makers to use the life energies of prisoners and slaves. The spells of binding needed to control the golems have deteriorated over time, and none in the great cities know the perfect spells to control the golems. This has lead to most golems maintaining a sembelence of free will. A golem may be tasked with protecting a templar, but may not protect him from his own behaviors, etc. Some golems have completed a particular task for a master, and gained freedom from the imperfect spells of binding.
There are still those golems left over from the last Age, bound forever by the spells of their masters that persist after death. They guard cities that no longer stand, and tomes that have rotted away to dust, standing an eternal vigil. Woe to any adventurer who disturbs the items they protect.
Golems have a life-bearing fluid that flows in their stoney bodies, a distilled and magically imbued form of water carrying life energies. For this reason, golems must replenish this supply by drinking water like normal mortal races, and gain some type of life energy by eating organic foods.

Using Warforged in this Campaign

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